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Fiji Rugby Referee Unit Recruitment drive

Fiji Rugby are looking to recruit young individuals who are interested in joining the Referees Unit to officiate in the game of Rugby. 

Referees plays a pivotal role in the safety and enjoyment of rugby and get to enjoy the game in the heartbeat of the action.

As we all know, Fiji is a rugby passionate country and joining the referee unit is an opportunity to be involved in the game even if you don’t or can’t continue to play the game. 

Refereeing shapes character by instilling great values such as being a team player, being disciplined, having integrity and showing respect to other.s

Referees are passionate about what they do, they get to be part of the game as the judge, keep active and fit and have a positive impact on the community.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something great. 

For more information, contact Johnson Lee on 9384457 or email @

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