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John Stewart

Player Name
John Stewart
How does being an athlete makes you a better person?
It makes me a discipline person
– Time management
– Appearance
– Integrity
What do you like about playing alongside your teammates?
I like playing alongside my teammates when we create what is calle “BOND”
What is you ‘WHY’ / the reason or person you play the game for?
My family is the reason I play the game.
What’s your favorite song that hypes you up before any game?
Luck Dube- Together As One.
What’s your favorite sports movie?
How do you focus before you play?
Before every game I can make sure everything is good at home with family coz happy family is happy life.
After a good performance, what is one thing you always do?
To make sure to give back the glory to the almighty and to the family and the supporters for prayers and support.
Do you have a self motivational quote / scripture / other that inspires your performance?
Sacrifice Now and Enjoy Later.
How do you relax away from rugby?
Spending time with my family especially my daughter.
Describe yourself in two words?
Passionate person
What are your plans / dreams after you finish playing rugby?
Concentrate on my military career.
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