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Fiji Rugby Developments BULA TAG program inspires Tima

One of the participants in the Fiji Rugby Development’s BULA TAG program Timaima Marama shared how the initiative has inspired her to learn more about rugby, and help develop upcoming young women who’re interested in the sport.

Timaima who is originally from Visama, Nakelo in Tailevu and is residing in Vatukoula was first introduced to the BULAT TAG program in 2020, which she took part in the its integrated coaching course.

Through this course Tima learned about the fundamentals of Get Into Rugby and QuickRip, she learned about the safeguard and the values of these two-development initiative by FRU Development.

Tima went on to complete her World Rugby 15’s coaching level 1 certificate, and was also accredited in the World Rugby First Aid volunteer course.

Tima who is married and is also a mother explains that she doesn’t see any barriers when venturing onto rugby, she said it was such an experience to be associated with rugby, and something that encourage her to continue her journey is seeing the impact and changes the game of rugby brings to the children in Vatukoula.

“I have gained so much from this rugby experience, as a part-time student and a mother, running this program in our community is challenging yet exciting and rewarding,” said Tima.

“Being a multi-ethnic and vibrant community, it has created so much interest and has impacted lots of changes for most children, especially girls and women,” she added.

“Children can’t wait to get back to the grounds every afternoon after school to have fun and build on their core skills,” said Tima.

Tima has begun her World Rugby level 2 coaching course, and is now assisting in coaching for the Tavua Women’s Rugby.

“I also assist in coaching as I have started my World Rugby Level 2 course and it’s great to have the support of my husband, our provincial union and the families as we try to make positive changes in our community”.

Tima encourages young women to be involved in the game as she emphasised that rugby and its development programmes is a vehicle of change for the community.

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