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Fiji Rugby Confirm Chairman Rotation

Fiji Rugby Union CEO Mr. John O’Connor has confirmed that current Chairman, Commander Francis Kean will also rotate out from the Fiji Rugby Board as per the Fiji Rugby Constitution.

Commander Kean was the appointee of the Honourable Prime Minister to the Fiji Rugby Board. O’Connor confirmed that Mr. Conway Beg is the new appointee for Honourable Prime Minister to the Fiji Rugby Board.

Commander Kean has served 5 years as Board Chairman and spearheaded the major transformation we all now witness in the strategic direction, operations, and management of Fiji Rugby.

O’Connor stated that without the dynamic, visionary and frank leadership style of Commander Kean, Fiji Rugby would still be stuck in the swamp of mediocrity we witnessed for years prior to joining the Union in 2015.

“The changes we all witness today at Fiji Rugby is a testament to Commander Kean’s passion, commitment and love for Fiji Rugby,” he added.

“A first ever Strategic Plan for Fiji Rugby, a new Constitution, World Rugby 7s bid, Super Rugby bid, a World Rugby Council Seat, alignment of all rugby in Fiji from primary to provincial, a provincial competition for Women’s Rugby, 4 consecutive years of unqualified annual financial reports, 4 consecutive years of surplus, an increased 300% financial portfolio from $8M to $24M in 5 years and above all uniting the Fiji Rugby Council are just some of the hallmarks of Commander Kean’s tenure as Chairman of the Board.

“We are on the verge of joining the Six Nations Rugby Competition and have Super Rugby New Zealand and Australia knocking on our doors, great opportunities for Fiji Rugby which we could only dream of in the past.”

“This is a testament to his leadership ability over the last 5 years, operating smartly and tactfully when
required plus using leverage of being a Council Member for the benefit to Fiji Rugby.”
O’Connor testified, I will dearly miss the commitment and enthusiasm of working closely with Commander Kean. O’Connor quipped he never stops, very hardworking and always pushing the boundaries for success.”

“We spent 5 years together at the National Fire Authority and another 5 at FRU, in both organizations he was Chairman and I was the CEO; his work ethics has rubbed off on me,” O’ Connor highlighted.

Commander Kean prior to joining Fiji Rugby was Chairman and President of Suva Rugby Union over a 5-year period. He was instrumental in resurrecting Suva Rugby from the financial mess of the failed SRU led International 7s tournament in 2009.

O’Connor stated, “Fiji Rugby will surely miss a great servant of the game who volunteered his time and resources both to SRU and FRU.”


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