Pat in Samoa - Back in time Underline 20 October, 2011
Digicel Barbarians team manager Patrick Gock posts regular updates from the Marist Samoa (21-22 Oct) and Oceania 7s (28 -29 Oct) happening in Samoa.
Bula All, 

We departed with high spirits from Nadi and winged our way backwards in time as we left on Tuesday evening and arrived in Apia in the early hours of Tuesday morning – proof that time travel is indeed a reality (in the South Pacific at least) thanks of course to the international dateline. 

On arrival there were two mini buses and a three ton truck to pick our baggage as we drove across the island of Upolu to our destination – Hotel Teuila – in the wee hours of the morning. 

We’ve been here a couple of days as we prepare for this weekend's Marist Samoa 7s and the hosts – Marist Samoa - have been excellent especially with the accommodation, meals and transporting the team to and from training. 

Yesterday after our early morning arrival we had devotion and breakfast at 9:00 AM and had a blow out at 12:00 PM. Lunch was at 2pm and the boys had a rest before training again at 5:00 PM.
The boys are constantly reminded of the task ahead of them, the need to concentrate and think rugby throughout this tour. 

Coach Jo Savou and I had a one on one with the players last night and the importance of the roles that each player will play during training and on and off the field. 

We stressed that they must have three things working together and that is their physical fitness/mental fitness and spiritual fitness. 

We went to the gym this morning and we’ll have another training run at 3pm this afternoon. 

The team looks forward for your prayers and support. 

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