Lee Smith's Coaching Corner: The Development of Attacking Play (Part 3) Underline 10 May, 2011 Part 3 - Performance Goals: How are we going to address each of the outcomes?

Micro Situations 

There are a number of situations that I would call micro situations that involve a limited number of players. Examples of these are: 

• individual one-on-one situations; 
• mini-units with either : 
        -    an overlap (attack numbers greater than defence) or 
        -    an underlap ( attack numbers less than defence) and mismatches. 

In order to analyse these situations 

• Apply Functional Roles Analysis and Key Factor Aanalysis to positional coaching in static re-start situations – kick-offs, scrums, line-outs. 
• Apply FRA and KFA to positional coaching in dynamic situations – play from phase play – rucks and mauls . 
• Apply FRA and KFA to support play by players who are not members of the front line of attack in both these situations and identify how they get into play. 

Macro Situations 

These are situations that place the episode of play in the context of the game, the tournament and even the season. These are often factors that can be taken as constants before the game commences or are in the broad context of the game. These were listed last week but for convenience they are listed now. 

• The context of the game in the rugby season.
• The team’s position on the table in relation to where they want to be and the relative position of today’s opponent.
• The team’s team profile, game profile and patterns of play.
• The opposing team’s profile and, by comparison with ours, the game plan for today.
• Weather, the state of the field etc.
• Field position.
• The score and time remaining.
• Attacking options during play that fall into 2 categories, those the opposition defence is closing down and those the opposition defence is having trouble with.
• Match officiating. 

Achievement Strategies – Specific measures for the production and implementation of the module. 

The use of scenarios on DVD: 


Group Work
• To place it in context the group should be given information about each of the macro variables above.
• We can now go from the macro to the micro. It is optional to have the group members focus on all functional roles or take a functional role each. If they focus on a role each it is essential that they do this in pairs to ensure feedback is obtained enabling the group to arrive at a consensus.
• Group members should write down their own ideas before discussing them with each other. The “Wisdom Of Crowds” commences with individual work so that all have something of their own to contribute. 

Analysing Episodes 

• Obtain 3-4 clips that demonstrate a similar situation. Each should be a complete episode from the re-start to the ref’s whistle indicating a stoopage.
• Based on the situation at the start of the episode write down how you would expect play to develop and what would be the best situation at the end of the episode.
• Prior to play starting identify the functional roles in the attacking line. The functional role should reflect the role to be performed not the playing position e.g. playmaker not first five-eight.
• List in sequential order the most important key factors for that role. Make your own list not one copied from a textbook.
• Each group finalises their roles and key factors.
• Play the clip to see what happens next and have the group members following their designated players. Decide: 
        -    Did the role change? 
        -    What cues caused the change in role? 
        -    What was the new role and what were its key factors? 
        -    Did the player identify the best role and were the key factors for that role performed successfully?
• Complete this exercise for a number of attacking clips.
• Build up a list of role changes and their related key factors. Identify the most common mistakes in role identification and role performance.
• Use these to develop practice activities that duplicate these situations.
• Perform the activities and fine tune them to better meet your needs. 

Lee Smith is a senior rugby development officer with the International Rugby Board and travels widely around the Pacific region coaching, developing and promoting the game.

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