La Vie Francaise - Fijian Style Underline 01 March, 2011
L-R: Vinaya Waka (LOU), Fero Lasagavibau (Aurillac), Waisale Suka (LOU).
Many consider it the gastronomic centre of France if not the world. LYON - where the food equivalent of the world cup has just finished*. 

In Lyon you are able to indulge in the finest meals you will ever encounter, though admittedly at a price! 

While the chefs work to satisfy the appetites of the paying customer, on the rugby field other things are cooking: LOU (Lyon Olympic Universitaire ) progress towards automatic promotion to the Top 14 after a 33-8 win against Aurillac last Saturday. Thus the opportunity to explore a little more the life of Fijians working their trade in this city of food. 

Messers Fero Lasagavibau, Vinaya Waka and Waisale Suka of LOU were all at the ground, with only Mosese Ratuvou a spectator after suffering mild concussion during last week's game. For Aurillac, Fero made the 330km trip by coach. 

They were all given a few questions to answer on life in France, and below you'll find their replies. 

First though, those questions.

1. What attracted you to Lyon?
2. How long have you been in Europe/ other clubs?
3. The best things about Lyon/France?
4. The best things about French food?
5. The most bizarre things about French food, (apart from snails and frogs legs)?
6. The things you least like; food/life?
7. What do you miss most from Fiji; food/life?
8. Things you do when not training/ playing rugby?
9. Who is going to win the World Cup, (apart from Fiji)?

Suka kicks off: with 1. The rugby and lifestyle although 2. He's been here only a year. When it comes to 3 there are lots of things to do (Lyon has a larger population than all of Fiji!). and 4. "really tasty n good", although the frogs seem to be a miss (5.) 6. Life in France does not match up to the "food n life" in Fiji (7.) Thus 8. sleeping all day (jet-lag?). And yes you've guessed it - Fiji!

So now for Waka's answers which go like this: much like Suka, rugby and the lifestyle counts, but with 5 years in "La Belle France" the culture comes into play (3.) Likewise the food, stylish, as you would expect in Lyon; 5. Things you would never consider eating at home (Fiji) , and thus ; 7. Life, Fiji, and his family, and of course the food, "Au Fijian". 8. Family and friends. 9. Australia to beat Fiji in the final!? God bless et merci, Waka.

And finally for Mosese Ratuvou's replies, (who seems well on his way to wearing a beret and applying for French citizenship). 

1. It's all about rugby; that's why I'm here.
2. 5 years, working his way up from Fed 2 (level 4) via Massy in Paris, currently top of their group in Fed 1, and breeding ground for a few internationals, to Lyon for the past 2 years; next season Top 14 beckons.
3. France, its history and sites; Lyon, city life.
4. The variety of food , including SNAILS, FROGS LEGS, and rabbit with garlic in red wine, plus of course, the cheese and bread.
5. Found the recipes and tastes strange to start with but after 5 years, now "kind of likes them".
6. No problem, I like them both!
7. However, Fijian life, food fresh from the farm, and the weather, are hard to beat.
8. Visiting the museums, exploring the city's culture, and PLAYING CARDS AT SUKA'S.
And to finish 9. FRANCE, putting money on it. 

Fero had to catch the coach back to Aurillac. 

Many thanks to the above.

This week's news brief: 

Vilmoni Delasau looking at a possible move from Toulouse to Brive, (where there are no Fijians). 

France looking to arrange French nationality for Fijians after their defeat to England! 

And lastly, Sisa Koyamibole moving from Sale (see earlier article) this summer, not to Toulouse as earlier reported, but to..... LYON.

Moce all.

Marc @ Rugbymarc.

* Food world cup, or "BOCUSE D'OR" as it is officially known, involves 24 top chefs from 24 countries having to prepare their best fish and meat dish in a time limit of 5 hours 35 minutes, to be judged by 14 experts, (not including Mosese Ratuvou). The winner; Rasmus Kofoed of Denmark, followed by Sweden, Norway, and France in a distant 4th. BON APPETITE.
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La Vie Francaise - Fijian Style 01 March, 2011 
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